Keeping up with technological development is not always easy. That´s why we are here to help you to find your feet in broad range of new technologies.


Keeping up with the times means not to get lost in new methods , ways of realization and new techonological possibilities. To change the approach towards a problem isn´t always easy and sometimes expert´s advice is needed. To make your life easier, we are giving you a helping hand.

Training and workshops

Well, it may be all right in theory, but it is really important to get hands-on experience. Anytime, a minor problem might arise that can lead to serious complications. Therefore we are offering workshops focused on particular problems. We will go through the whole procedure together and try to answer all your questions and in general, satisfy all your needs.

Course offer

Basic of NodeRed

Don´t be afraid of trying new technologies and meet the NodeRed tool. This tool can considerably speed up the development and integration of new solutions and obviously make it a lot more pleasurable.

The course offers familiarization with NodeRed basics and you will get to know what exatly is needed to operate the service.

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Building IQRF network

In collaboration with IQRF Alliances, you can quickly and efficiently use IQRF and IoT Starter Kit.

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