We are transforming technology into smart solutions allowing easy connection in Internet of things.


We offer customized solutions from hardware design to data processing in the cloud and interpretation of your data.


We always choose hardware that satisfies the needs of a given project. When needed, we can design our own reliable hardware solution specializing in minimal electric power consumption for battery operated devices. For our own hardware we use a platform based on Microchip and Particle products. And we know that it is the packaging that plays an important role too. We possess a couple of 3D printers that enable us to design a functional solution effectively according to current needs.


Most of the projects recquires configuration or creating a wide range of applications and supported software. Even though we do not specialize in creating company applications, we do keep ourselves up-to-date and constatnly broaden our horizons in modern technologies. Most frequently we use “Node-Red“ tool, which allows us to create a tailored-to-your-needs design quickly and efficiently.


Device connectivity is one of the crucial points in constructing an effective solution. Especially in IoT, where most devices are battery powered, it is essential to achieve the lowest electric energy consumption possible. We use modern and energy-saving wireless IoT networks (LoRaWAN, IQRF). Unfortunately, it is not always possible to use “new“ networks and sometimes it is just necessary to adapt to the environment. That is why we put all our effort into creating efficient solutions utalizing old technologies such as GSM. The most important features when choosing suitable connectivity are: wireless coverage area, frequency of transmission and the amount of measured data, or else the price of connectivity. Therefore we always take a close look at wireless technologies or a combination of technologies which could be the most convenient for a given solution.

Preparing LTE NB Sigfox


The offer of cloud services is very wide and that´s why we concentrate on services connected with IoT – e.g. configuring bounadires and basic data processing. Step by step we are testing services of particular companies in order to provide you with the best solution for a given project. Currently we are experienced with IMB, Microsoft, Google and Amazon cloud services.